Install Istio on East cluster

Install Istio on the primary cluster

The east cluster is the primary one, consequently is where the istiod process will be installed alongside other applications like Kiali.

Run the following commands to install Istio:

kubectl create namespace istio-system --context $CLUSTER_EAST

kubectl create secret generic cacerts -n istio-system --context $CLUSTER_EAST \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_EAST/ca-cert.pem \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_EAST/ca-key.pem \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_EAST/root-cert.pem \

kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_EAST label namespace istio-system

cat <<EOF > $CLUSTER_EAST.yaml
kind: IstioOperator
      meshID: mesh1
        clusterName: $CLUSTER_EAST
      network: network1

istioctl install -y --set values.pilot.env.EXTERNAL_ISTIOD=true --context=$CLUSTER_EAST -f $CLUSTER_EAST.yaml

After the installation, we need to create what we called an “east-west” gateway. It’s an ingress gateway just for the cross cluster configuration as we are opting to use the installation for different networks (this will be the case in the majority of the production scenarios).

$ISTIO_DIR/samples/multicluster/ \
    --mesh mesh1 --cluster $CLUSTER_EAST --network network1 | \
    istioctl --context=$CLUSTER_EAST install -y -f -

Then, we need to expose the istiod service as well as the applications for the cross cluster communication:

kubectl apply --context=$CLUSTER_EAST -n istio-system -f \

kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_EAST apply -n istio-system -f \

export DISCOVERY_ADDRESS=$(kubectl \
    --context=$CLUSTER_EAST \
    -n istio-system get svc istio-eastwestgateway \
    -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}')

Finally, we need to install Prometheus, which is important and required for Kiali to operate:

kubectl --context $CLUSTER_EAST -n istio-system apply -f $ISTIO_DIR/samples/addons/prometheus.yaml
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